As we basically met each other because of Sepak Takraw, we share the passion to play this amazing sport.

Never heard of Sepak Takraw? – You are not alone.

Sepak Takraw is an old sport coming from Thailand and Malaysia. The word sepak means something like “kick” in Malay and takraw means “Rattan” in Thai. Basically it means : “kick the Rattan”

You can imagine it as foot volley ball with acrobatic martial arts kicking action. Want to know more?

Top used to play Takraw in school when he was a kid/ teenager in Thailand. In Switzerland only a few people know this sport. That’s why it is more a coincidence that Tabea found her way to that unique sport.

Currently both of us are active Members of the Swiss Sepak Takraw Team, participating in Tournaments around Europe.

However all around the world this sport still is very unknown, that’s why we try to bring a Takraw ball whenever we travel, to spread the word, show some things and take a quick shot for our Project: TOPTAB-TAKRAW AROUND THE WORLD

Places we have recorded us playing the Takraw so far:
  • Switzerland, Lugano on Monte Brè
  • Czech Republic, Prag near the metronome
  • Czech Republic, near a historical church
  • Belgium, Brussels
  • Germany, Munich at the Olympia Stadium
  • Germany, Cologne
  • Hungary, Budapest

First Video is coming soon!


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