Napoli & Sorrento

We flew from Geneva Switzerland to Napoli Italy. For the first night we booked a B&B. When we arrived at Napoli airport we had to take a Bus to the City center, the main station where all the Trains and undergrounds are. From the Bus parking we had to walk to the main station, and this walk was a little scary. We felt like we are walking through the worst street of Napoli, everyone was looking at us, and we felt like a target. Even though we tried not to look like Tourists, it was obvious that we were new to Napoli.

Before we plant our trip to Italy, everyone told us that we should be careful about pickpocket and other bad creatures. So we were warned but not really afraid.

On the main station we had to find out if we need Line 1 or Line 2 (both underground trains, but run by different companies). The Tickets we had to buy in a small store, called Tabacchi.

1.5 Euro per ride/ person.

We took the Underground to the Station Dante. From there we used our offline map on our smartphones to find the B&B. It was hidden in a very small Street in a very old but huge house. We had to ring a bell to enter the first metal door. These houses did not have Elevators so the build it a lot later into the inner yard. The Elevator was tiny but we fit with backpacks. The host was kind of surprised to see us, we did not understand why, because we made a booking a couple weeks ago. Then she explained us, that our booking has been canceled while we were travelling, so ON the day of arrival. She said, our Credit Card could not be charged. We again did not understand why, because only wanted our Credit Card for the booking, and we planned to pay in Cash. But it looks like that this is the way how Italy works or on previous trips we always had enough credit. Because so far we never had a problem using to reserve a room. Anyway, so because of that, she did not expect us to arrive that day and gave away our room. She had another room available, but that one cost 10 Euros more because it had it’s one bathroom. We thought about it, and then she also helped us a little bit by giving us the room for 40 Euros instead of 44.

That night we went out to walk, to get a first impression. We ended up walking for hours xD like always. We also went to have Pizza in the famous Pizza street, but sadly ended up having quite bad Pizza.

The next morning we had a cute little Breakfast checked out. First thing, we walked to the Hostel that we would spend the night at and checked in. This one was near the Port, again we had to ring to enter and take a elevator. A even smaller elevator than before. And the most funny thing was, that besides the Weekend you always have to pay 5 or 10 Cents for one elevator ride. How ridiculous is that?! Later we found out that the Hostel provides 5 Cents pieces at the counter if you need them to pay the elevator. We were welcomed nicely and got a free Espresso from Luce, who apparently makes the best coffee in Napoli. 😉 Even Top had one, ignoring the fact that he does not really like it.

Later that day we took the funicular up the hill, because I wanted to see the view from somewhere higher. Up on the hill there is another part of the city, we did not expect it to be that big. So when we saw a Carrefour we got some food and drinks. And we payed at the probably slowest cashier ever. haha Italians.

So we walked around to find the spot to overview Napoli, accidentally we walked in somewhere that looked like we could pass the Castle from the outside and reach the Viewpoint. As soon as we stepped on the parking lot of the castle, an old guy was waving his hands and pointing on the Ticket counter. We shook our heads, to tell him, No we don’t need a ticket, we do not want to enter. But right after a woman came to as screaming, Ticket Ticket Ticket. In disbelieve, we again said, No No we just want to pass, not enter. But she did not stop yelling at us in Italian, so we decided that we probably already need a ticket to walk on the parking and left a little pissed. Why are people so unfriendly with us? We really don’t try to offend anyone. Luckily we found the view point, and the view was quite amazing. But there was also a freezing wind going on, so we did not stay for long, but started to walk down the stairs, back to Napoli Center.

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That night went for Pasta, it was bad, mine was not even cooked fully. We were very disappointed. From that moment on we decided to do some research on Restaurants if possible.

The next day we took a train to Pompeii, we got out one station before to walk through the village and see the Seaside. Then we hopped on the Train again to go further to Pompeii. The trains are very old, somewhere from the 70s and they stop every other minute. But at least they still run. 😉


We left our luggage at the entrance of Pompeii. Top had to pay 10 Euros and I paid half price because I am under 26 Years old. We walked a lot through all the streets and ruins. A lot of it is under construction, so it was hard to even get a photo without any barriers or workers. Pompeii is huge, so if you are sporty and don’t mind walking and sometimes getting lost, it’s fine. But if you don’t want to walk too much and maybe are handicapped, you can join one of the tours, I think some of them are free. You get a map at the entrance, and we are quite good at reading maps, but some streets were dead ends due the construction so we wandered around a little confused sometimes. We had beautiful weather that day, with a chilly wind but sunny. And a good tip is maybe also to bring some food and drinks. We got some Pizza bread and something sweet and were very happy with that choice. There is a Restaurant in the City of Pompeii but I am not sure about the prices or the quality of food. These are also the only Restrooms on the whole area.

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We again had to find out that Italians are not particularly friendly, some Guides would just bluff at us, in different situations or just say NoNoNoNo when we ask them something. We also had a pleasant surprise when we were sitting in the little Theater and a Korean Group with a Korean Guide entered. The Guide walked down to the “Stage” and explained his group somethings. And then suddenly he started singing old Italian Opera. Everyone was staring, started filming and in the end he got a big applause. What a Guide, really cool. 🙂

If you want to see him performing, watch our Trip to Napoli & Roma Travel video.

We spent more than 3 hours in Pompeii. Later we took the same train again to proceed to Sorrento. In Sorrento we stayed in a B&B. Tabea hurt her knee on that day, not really knowing how. But walking was quite painful. But we still kept walking. That night, it was a Monday night, almost all the Restaurants were closed. We only found on, which our host also recommended, O Sole Mio. We had a nice Seafood Risotto. And Tabea ordered a Glas of wine, if you order a Glas here in Italy, you do not just get 1dl your Glas will be full. That is quite cool. 😉

The day after we explored Sorrento, not too much going on. It was completely out of Season, but still some Koreans you will always find. 😉

And it was that cold, that it even started snowing. According to our Host this was only the 2nd time in the last 50 Years. All the locals were standing in the streets to film the tiny snowflakes. We actually planned on visiting Capri Island, but due the windy and freezing weather we decided to skip that. So we went back to Napoli that night.20160119122522 20160119123951

The next night we spent at the Hostel La Controra. We felt very welcome from the beginning. Also the other guest started talking to us immediately. Top even found a group of people that planned to go for the Football Game Napoli against Milano. After thinking back and forth for month if he should go, he finally had a good reason to make this dream come true. 🙂 Tabea stayed in the Hostel and talked to many other travelers. We both had a fun night.

The next day we went to visit Napoli Sotterranea, the underground city. We had a very nice tour, because we were only 4 with one guide. We could see what used to be the water supply system. The systems of the Greeks and the Romans. Fo that we walked through a super narrow passage which was only 50cm wide. We had to walk with my upper body sideways. I would not suggest to walk this passage if you got claustrophobia. As a Light source in the part of the tour we were carrying candles. We really liked the tour, as we are big fans of underground cities and historical, secret places.:)20160120133518

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Later that afternoon we took the train to Rome. To be continued in the next Post coming soon…



Mennella Il Gelato

If you love cookie Ice Cream try the flavor Mennella Rock, it is to die for.



La Passione di Sofi



Hostel with the tiny elevator that you have to pay for: Hostel of the Sun

Hostel with good vibes and a cool kitchen: La Controra Hostel Naples


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